Promate Super Charge Mag Safe Wireless Charging Power Bank – 10000mAh Blue


  • Brand: Promate
  • Model Name: PowerMag Duo
  • Battery Type: Li-Polymer
  • Battery Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Color: Blue
  • Warranty: 2 years

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Wirelessly charge your iPhone and Apple Watch in a snap with PowerMag-Duo. It features a 15W MagSafe charging module that perfectly aligns with the iPhone 14 series for QuickSnap charging. The Apple Watch magnetic charging pad aligns with your Apple Watch and charges your devices at 3W speed ON THE GO. The 20W Power Delivery ports let you charge your USB-C devices up to 4X faster. PowerMag-Duo’s portable and lightweight design let you charge your device, even when on the move. Features Power-Packed 10000mAh Battery Capacity: The PowerMag-Duo is packed with a 10000mAh Battery Capacity that delivers full power to your smartphones and Apple Watches and charges them faster than a regular power bank. Save time on the charging speed with this super-efficient, power-packed, portable charger. Premium 15W MagSafe Charging for your Devices: The PowerMag-Duo magnetic wireless charger aligns with your smartphone and charges your Qi-enabled devices at 15W speeds. Now you never have to worry about running out of power, or the long hours your battery takes to recharge. Portable Magnetic Apple Watch Charging Pad: The magnetic Apple Watch charging pad aligns with your Apple Watch and charges your devices at 3W speed ON THE GO. It is seamlessly compatible with all Apple Watch models including Apple Watch Series 8/76/SE/5/4 and Series 3/2, and perfectly cradles all sizes (38mm/40mm/42mm/44mm). Just place your Apple Watch on the power bank and it will align magnetically charging instantly without any worries of it falling off. SuperSpeed 20W USB-C Power Delivery Port: Delivers blazing fast power to your devices like the iPhone 14/14Pro/14Pro Max/Galaxy S22/iPad Air and other USB-C compatible devices. This delivery of blazing-fast power provides you with super-speed wireless charging on the go. Super Slim Pocket-Friendly Portable Design: The sleek, slim, and lightweight design allows you to carry your PowerMag-Duo in your pocket or your bag. This compact design allows you to freely use it anywhere and anytime. It is ideal for taking on long holidays, staycations, business trips, and even for daily use. With this portable device, you will always have backup power and don’t have to worry about your devices running out of power. Case Compatible for Hassle-Free Charging: Looking for a magnetic wireless power bank without the hassle of removing your phone case? No problem. With the Promate PowerMag-Duo charge your devices at uninterrupted lightning speeds even with a phone case. Charge your device case-free, or through a compatible magnetic case with absolutely no interference. Steady Non-Slip Uninterrupted Charging: The non-slip base prevents slips and drops when using PowerMag-Duo with your device. The strong magnetic base keeps your smartphone steady and slip-proof while you recharge your battery on the go. Now you never have to worry about your phone slipping or misaligning while using this power bank. Recharge with a USB Type-C In/Out Port: The Promate PowerMag-Duo Power Bank can be recharged using the USB Type-C in/out port. The USB-C input port can take an input of 18W to recharge the power bank. This way you can conveniently use the same cable to charge your devices as well as the Power Bank. Diminish the Mess with this Magnetic Charger: PowerMag-Duo allows you to charge your smartphone without the mess caused by multiple cable wires. Carry a single cable to charge the PowerMag-Duo and avoid the hassle of tangled cable wires. Now you can conveniently use the same cable to charge your phone and external battery. Multi-Protect Safety Feature and Adaptive Charging: Promate PowerMag-Duo efficiently tackles issues like over-charged, over-discharged, over-voltage, overheating, and short circuit problems, providing protection perfectly to your digital devices from any charging accidents. This ensures a worry-free, super-fast, and extremely safe power charge for your devices.


Model No.
PowerMag Duo
Built-in Foldable stand
Battery Capacity
Input USB-C
5V / 3A
Wireless Charging
Max Output
Charging Time
3 Hrs