Powerology 78000mAh Power Generator 300W Pure Sine-Wave Output PGN300PDBK


  • x5 DC Outputs, x2 Flash Lights
  • Charging speeds stay sky-high in this Powerology Cable.
  • Reliable Travel Companion, High Quality and Durable

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An electronic system utilising built-in parameters for managing batteries and battery packs. Ensures operation within a safe operating parameter, monitors charging environment and continuously calculates most efficient and effective power supply.

Equipped with PWM to allow re-charging through solar power by effectively managing and absorbing input voltage.

Built using best-in-class 18650 Lithium ion battery cells strategically placed and packed to provide optimal and reliable power. Made from high-grade components.

Warning light displayed on LCD panel when output power exceeds accepted product parameters, forcing generator to stop supplying power. Warning light also displayed when operated in an environment below °C or above 40°C. While the generator is being re-charged, USB and DC output ports will still work and supply power however AC output will not function.



Li-ion 18650 cell, 281W
DC 15V/3A 45W, 11-24V
AC Output
220V 50Hz
DC Output 1 & 2
12V/5A 60W
DC Car port
12V/10A 120W
USB-A QC Output
5-9V, 18W
USB-C PD In & Out
5-20V, 45W