Jaguar Classic Gold 100ml EDT


  • Top notes: include bergamot, apple, and lime essences
  • Heart notes: include orange tree blossom and teak wood
  • Base notes: include musk, patchouli, and vanilla essences

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A refreshing fragrance for people who want to mark their presence wherever they go, it creates an aura of freshness and composure and its contains such notes as apple, lime and bergamot, announcing with their fresh and fruity zests a blend of floral-woody notes in the heart orange blossom and teak wood. The base is enriched with patchouli, vanilla and musk contributing to warmth and sensuality of the fragrance.



Base Note
Patchouli, vanilla, musk
Heart/Middle Note
Orange blossom, teak wood
Top Note
Apple, lime, bergamot