BLACK+DECKER 300W Hand Mixer White M350-B5 2 Years Warranty


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Since our earliest days as a small baltimore machine shop, BLACK+DECKER has remained steadfastly focused on customer needs. Learn more about how we’ve earned our reputation for quality, ingenuity and value. Community news + press patents milestones careers milestones from a modest machine shop in baltimore to the surface of the moon, we’ve proudly provided innovative solutions for over a century. Discover the pioneering history of BLACK+DECKER Our goal is to inspire makers and innovators to create a more sustainable world in alignment with our purpose—for those who make the world. We believe corporations have a broader role to play in society building on our historical, deep focus on environment, health and safety, sustainability and community engagement. This role relates to helping solve the world’s challenges, such as climate change, income inequality and workforce development. In short, we’re working to be a force for good. A message from jim loree we’ve elevated our historically strong commitment to corporate social responsibility to a new level with an enhanced strategy that is rooted in our purpose—for those who make the world. We are for the makers and creators, the builders and the caregivers. We take our responsibility to all our stakeholders seriously and understand that sustainability is integral to our business strategy. Today, more than ever, i believe that pursuing purpose and focusing on all our critical stakeholders—employees, customers, governments, communities and our shareholders is an imperative. Whether you look at income inequality, geopolitical turmoil or the accelerating pace of technological change, it’s clear that society is having a tough time keeping up. And for businesses and capitalism to thrive, we need sustained economic prosperity, geopolitical stability and an environmental climate that supports our operations. There is a great opportunity for the world, as traditional organizations like ours find their purpose and take action. We recognize that we are just in the early days of this journey. Core to our focus are areas around climate change and income and gender equality. Launched just two years ago, our corporate social responsibility strategy is driving our engagement, and is holding us accountable. We have established ambitious, aspirational goals and aligned our work with the united nations 2030 sustainable development goals. Our purpose—for those who make the world—is to empower and inspire the makers and creators who shape the world around us, for the good of all. We are here to be a force for good.




‎Black & Decker
Model Number
Power / Wattage
300 watts
240 Volts
Speed control
1 Speed
Color Name
1 years
Energy Used
Hand Blender